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What is a GIFTPASS?

A GIFTPASS is a universal gift card that allows your recipients to select the gift card they like. With GIFTPASS you give the gift of choice and allow your recipients to redeem their gift for any gift card of their choice available at Giftcertificates.ca.

Giftcertificates.ca is your one-stop source for gifts cards from over 60 of Canada’s most popular retailers, restaurants, hotels and entertainment attractions. GIFTPASS is a universal gift card that can be redeemed for any of the retail gift cards offered at giftcertificates.ca.

GIFTPASS can be delivered by email or mail. Simply choose the option you prefer on the delivery options page.

Redeeming a GIFTPASS

  1. In the GIFTPASS code box enter your GIFTPASS code and click “Submit”.
  2. Check that your GIFTPASS value is the same as stated on your GIFTPASS.
  3. Browse through the Gift Cards catalogue and choose the gift you want.
  4. Check-out and your gift cards will be mailed to you!

Currently, you can only redeem up to the value of your GIFTPASS.

The shipping cost for the FIRST redemption of your GIFTPASS is FREE. For subsequent redemptions (for the remaining value on the GIFTPASS), you will be required to pay online, with your credit card, for the shipping cost. For shipping rates, click here
For orders with a total over $200, the Regular Mail option is not available.

For gift cards, payment for shipping and handling is only accepted by credit card. For GIFTPASS redemptions, if you do not have a valid credit card to pay for the shipping cost of your SECOND GIFTPASS redemption, we suggest that you redeem the full value of the GIFTPASS on your FIRST redemption.

You can redeem a GIFTPASS as many times as you wish, up to the value of the GIFTPASS you have been given. Please note that the shipping cost for the FIRST redemption is free, but you will be required to pay with a credit card online for your SECOND redemption and beyond.

Currently, you can only redeem one GIFTPASS at a time.

Simply enter your GIFTPASS code and you will see the remaining balance on your GIFTPASS account.

The denominations that Giftcertificates.ca carries are generally the most popular denominations found in the retailers’ store locations. In most situations, we can accommodate your order by combining several gift cards to reach the amount of your purchase.

The gift cards are shipped based on what your program’s administrator has selected the shipping method to be. Your gift cards will either arrive via Canada Post services or courier services.  Please allow 3-7 business days for your gift cards to arrive.

If you are paying for your SECOND redemption with a credit card, you may select from four shipping methods. Redemptions over $200 must be shipped via Canada Post Xpresspost, FedEx Priority Overnight, or Purolator Overnight. For shipping rates, click here: https://www.giftcertificates.ca/shipping-methods

Your GIFTPASS cannot be exchanged or returned. It can only be redeemed for retailer gift cards at Giftcertificates.ca.

Yes. You can have your gift cards shipped to someone other than yourself, provided that the address is within Canada.

Generally it takes two business days to process your GIFTPASS redemption.

You can email customerservice@giftcertificates.ca to notify them. Be sure to include your name, GIFTPASS number, redemption reference number and the correct address to where the gift cards should be shipped. Please ensure that the information you provide us is correct, as Giftcertificates.ca is not responsible for gift cards sent to the wrong address.

Yes. You will receive an email confirmation of your GIFTPASS redemption.

Yes. You will receive a redemption reference number in your redemption confirmation email. You will need this number when contacting Customer Service with your GIFTPASS-related question.

Tracking for GIFTPASS redemptions is not available. Once you have redeemed your GIFTPASS, you will receive an email confirmation that we have received your redemption.

You can contact customerservice@giftcertificates.ca and a Giftcertificates.ca representative will answer any questions you may have.

No. Your GIFTPASS was originally meant for you. Should you decide to send the gift cards to friends or family, you will not have the option to include a personal message.

A GIFTPASS that was purchased through our Corporate Sales program, and as negotiated by contract, expires one year from the issue date. Please check your GIFTPASS for an expiry date if you have received the GIFTPASS from a corporation, such as your employer, or as a gift from a corporate promotional program.

A GIFTPASS that has expired has no use and can no longer be redeemed.

The list of retailers available with your GIFTPASS is based on the type of GIFTPASS the purchaser has chosen. Selected retailers are available with a Premium GIFTPASS only.