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Jack Astor's

From casual to dignified, irreverent to refined, Service Inspired Restaurants(r) have been exceeding guest's expectations for the past 15 years. Our aim is to attain best-in-class restaurants. With great passion for creating innovative and contemporary experiences, we always strive for excellence.

Jack Astor’s is renowned for its winning combination of an energetic atmosphere, delicious menu and fantastic beverages. We have joined such guest favourites as wings, burgers, sandwiches and steaks, with innovative dishes from around the world such as an authentic Pad Thai, Greek Chicken Salad and Parmesan Chicken Bowties. Jack’s boasts a remarkable lunch and dinner crowd, as well as a high energy late-night bar business. From our landmark opening in 1990, Jack’s has expanded to 29 restaurants, and continuing to grow in the United States and Canada.